Why We Love History (And You Should, Too!)


Adam D’Angelo

Right from a very young age, he was interested in computers. In middle school, he started programming and taking part in online competitions.

Eventually, he started developing his own games and loved it. In high school, he met and became close friends of Mark Zuckerberg. His passion for creating something innovative. Drove him to create several websites. But unfortunately, he couldn’t get much success with those

When mark Created Facebook, Adam became the CTO. And remind there for two years. While working there, he got an idea for website of his own.He was faced with a choice to leave his secure job on Facebook or continue working.

Then Adam”I realized that if I didn’t work for my own dreams, I would regret it forever”. So he risked his career in Facebook. Where he could have made millions of dollars. And left along with his friend to pursue his dream of creating something unique.

His determination lead him to develop an information sharing site called Quora. And with only 4 founding members raised $11 million.

Today Adam D’Angelo has a net worth of $600 million. Ana Quora one of the world’s biggest information sharing the website with +200 million users.

“ If you don’t take risks, you will always work for someone who does”





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Siva Prasadh G

Siva Prasadh G


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