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15 Best blogs to follow about digital transformation in 2021.

Here are fifteen of the best digital transformation blogs to follow — in no particular order — and to keep up with the fast changes in the business landscape.

The Best Digital Transformation blogs help you keep up with the sometimes drastic and fast changes in the industry. Here are fifteen of the best Digital Transformation blogs to follow — in no particular order — for the most recent information in the field.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.

There is a ton of great information out there that can help with this, but who has time to try to track it down?

Yaay!! It turns out that I did, and would love to share what I’d found with you.

In this post, we’re going to dive at fifteen of the best Digital Transformation blog posts of 2021.

1. Cisco Blogs: “Tomorrow Starts Here”

Cisco helps businesses take the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the unconnected. CIOs will discover innovative businesses and the leaders who are guiding them through the digital business transformation.

2. Forrester Blogs: “Challenge Thinking. Lead Change”

Forrester deals with business and technology leaders such as CIOs to develop “customer-obsessed strategies.” Forrester blog helps with advanced change in the digital transformation that gives significant guidance that is adjusted to the role of CIO.

3. Hakuna Matata Solutions Blogs: “The Happiness Of Digital Excellence”

Hakuna Matata Solutions is a leading Digital Transformation Company. Their blog, whitepaper offers insights about digital manufacturing, the Internet of Things, DevOps and RPA for C-level executives.

4. Wipro Digital Blogs: “Applying Thought”

Wipro Digital is a pre-eminent digital transformation partner that focuses on interaction, insight, integration, and innovation. The news, and insights surrounding digital transformation offered by their blog make it an especially useful resource for CIOs.

5. Axway Blogs:

The Axway Blog about Digital Business Transformation delivers the latest news, industry trends, and insights and covers such topics as, agile approaches to integration, shadow IT and digital transformation in healthcare.

6. Frost & Sullivan Blogs:

Frost & Sullivan is a major partnership company offering advisory services and expert insights. They share some of that penetrate into digital transformation in their blog, which provides an interactive portal to current news, procedures, and thought leadership.

7. Informatica Blogs:

Informatica is the foremost provider of data management solutions in the cloud, hybrid environment. The Informatica blog features digital transformation and leadership tips for CIOs looking to begin the process or ensure that it goes smoothly.

8. Happiest Minds Blogs:

Happiest Minds is a digital transformation company enabling firms to leverage disruptive technologies and their blogs share information about Big Data, mobile, analytics, security, cloud, and IoT.

9. Centric Digital Blogs:

Centric Digital is a dominant digital transformation company reshaping business models and customer experiences to help traditional businesses grow in an increasingly digital world.

10. Progress Blogs:

Progress Software Corporation making a culture of digital transformation to involving employees and customers via digital transformation, the Progress Blogs share strategies for CIOs.

11. OpenText Blogs:

OpenText is Canada’s largest software company. A global leader in enterprise information management. OpenText Blogs shares insightful digital transformation information and advice.

12. Smart Insights Blogs:

Smart Insights deals with the must-know developments, tools, advice, and statistics for digital marketing strategy. Their blog focuses on that strategy, news & case studies for making digital transformation work.

13. MuleSoft Blogs:

MuleSoft is revolutionizing the way the world connects data and applications. Their blog views at every angle of digital transformation, from its implied impacts on revenue to recent trends, and the in-depth posts about digital transformation.

14. Plainview Blogs:

Plainview helps organizations drive results by optimizing the capacity of people and economic resources. Their blog is spread with information and tips that can help CIOs drive digital transformation.

15. Starcio Blogs:

Isaac Sacolick is a top 100 social CIO and digital transformation leader who focuses on agile development, Big Data, data science, and digital marketing. Sacolick ’s digital transformation blog remains among some of the most insightful and helpful on our list.





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